Johnson, Roberta

Roberta JohnsonRoberta Johnson

Marquette County 4-H Volunteer

Roberta’s passion for 4-H started in 1929, back when she and seven other youth formed the Our Ideal 4-H Club. This led to being an active citizen in Marquette County her entire life. She always valued being involved in her community and encouraging others to be involved in their community as well. This included enrolling all of her children in 4-H, encouraging neighbor kids to be involved, and helping organize activities for the club’s membership, and helping with the formation of Saddle Clubs.

Roberta is described as a mover and a shaker. She is always thinking of something to do with and for others. She shares what she has and is known for seeing value in teaching others as well. Roberta is a role model for current 4-H members and a person who lives “learning by doing” and works hard “to make the best better.”