Kuecker, Letha

Letha KueckerLetha Kuecker

Walworth County 4-H Volunteer

Letha Kuecker is known to many as a volunteer who goes above and beyond the call in her 4-H and community work. She willingly shares her knowledge and guidance and is an exemplary example of a 4-H volunteer.

Joining 4-H at age 10, Letha was an active Walworth County 4-H member for 11 years, receiving the 4-H Key Award in 1959. When her sons reached 4-H age, Letha volunteered as a project leader and later became the co-general leader of Springfield 4-H club. She also served on a variety of committees, including the State 4-H Adult Leader Council. While a member of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Board, she served as secretary and president. She has chaperoned youth on trips and served on the planning committee for the North Central Forum hosted by Wisconsin in 2007.

Letha has received many awards for her 4-H work. She is an excellent teacher, no matter the audience. When honored with the 2008 Friend of WAE4-HYDP Award, Letha was described as “any 4-H Youth Development Agent’s ‘dream’, as she definitely has the right educational focus.”