Larsen, Tom

Tom LarsenTom Larsen

Dunn County 4-H Educator

In Memoriam

Tom devoted his career to 4-H with boundless energy, optimism and enthusiasm for over 33 years. He served briefly in St. Croix, Richland and Barron Counties before becoming the Dunn County 4-H Club Agent. He was a mentor to many 4-H’ers and remembered as the person who steered them down the right path in life. 4-H members grew into productive adults because of their participation in 4-H citizenship projects, leadership training and public speaking programs.

Tom saw 4-H as a career opportunity at a time when many were using it as a stepping-stone to other careers in Extension. He vigorously promoted working with youth as an esteemed career. Tom served twice as President of the 4-H Extension Workers Association, which promoted 4-H and Youth Agents as career professionals. He received the National 4-H Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of County Club Agents in 1963. Tom helped develop and was a member of faculty governance for the Department of Youth Development, representing 4-H and Youth Agents.

After retirement, Tom continued his leadership in the community by serving on the Menomonie School Board, participating in the Menomonie Jaycees and being elected a Supervisor on the Menomonie Town Board. Tom belonged to the Menomonie Senior Center and served many years as president.

In Tom’s own words, “A positive approach to life and living has always been the guidance system for my life” and “I believe in 4-H and I have loved my job.” Tom loved life and youth.