Menart, Donna

Donna MenartDonna Menart

Sheboygan County 4-H Educator and Interim State Program Director

4-H Youth Development has been a lifelong passion for Donna. Her 4-H membership experience started in Chippewa County in 1963 and culminated with representing Wisconsin at National 4-H Congress and receiving the Wisconsin 4-H Key Award. This strong foundation inspired a career of contributing through 4 H as 4-H volunteer, 4-H summer agent and 4-H parent. Donna also spent 39 years in professional 4-H Youth Development roles at the county, district and state levels, including serving as the Interim State 4-H Youth Development Program Director.

As Sheboygan County 4-H Youth Development Agent, Donna was recognized for her team efforts in blending new approaches with the 4-H community club program. Some of her successful programs included community day camps, summer schools for migrant and ESL students and short-term urban outreach programs. Donna collaborated in the community to provide peer helper education, educational programs for young women, and family/parenting education programs like McDonald’s “Take a Break with Your Kids.”

While serving as State 4-H Youth Development Specialist and Associate State 4-H Youth Development Program Director, Donna worked to: develop a systematic statewide approach to welcoming and orienting new county-based staff; create a collaborative educational series to address risk and financial management concerns; redesign the state 4-H Youth Development website; and develop web-based staff and volunteer resources.

Donna’s educational approach throughout her career was to provide 4-H youth, volunteers, community partners and staff with opportunities, tools and supports to rise to their highest potential.