Morrow, Ivan

Ivan MorrowIvan “Ivy” C. Morrow

Adams County 4-H Agent

Ivan Morrow spent 32 years as the Adams County 4-H Agent, where he brought the joy of 4-H to many youth and families. “Ivy” helped 4-H’ers gain knowledge of areas they were interested in by taking them to clinics or working with them on judging teams. His dedication led to Adams County being well-represented at the Wisconsin State Fair in dairy, clothing revue, demonstrations, cultural arts, and sheep shearing competitions.

Ivan contributed his knowledge and skills to 4-H programs on a regional and state level. Recently, he served on the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Board.

His legacy lives on through the leadership skills youth learned and are now using in their careers and volunteer efforts. He is fondly known by his 4-H members as “Uncle Ivan” and by his peers as “Ivy.” Many 4-H members continued the 4-H program as Morrow taught them: “If you’re in a project, learn all you can; if you’re going to camp, get out there and play; and when at an event, meet new people.”