Pierick, Bill

Bill PierickWilfred “Bill” Pierick

Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development Specialist

In Memoriam

Wilfred Pierick began his UW-Extension career as the Rock County 4-H and Youth Agent, and later moved to Lancaster in Grant County, serving there for nine years.

In 1964, Pierick moved to Madison as a UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development specialist. His position was responsible for the production and distribution of statewide agricultural, home economics, and other 4-H Youth Development literature. During this time he edited and authored numerous publications. In 1982, he retired as professor emeritus of UW-Extension.

He was past president of the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Agent’s Association. Recognitions included Distinguished Service Awards from the State and National 4-H Youth Agent’s Associations, and the Wisconsin chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi, the National Cooperative Extension Fraternity. In 1981, Wisconsin Future Farmers of America association awarded him as Honorary Wisconsin State Farmer.