Rensink, Reg

Reg RensinkReg Rensink
Manitowoc & Jackson County 4-H Agent

In Memoriam

A Manitowoc County 4-H agent for more than 25 years, Rensink served as national president of the County 4-H Club Agents and is the first 4-H agent from Wisconsin to win the national Distinguished Award. The award was presented in 1958 by Clarence Westphal, 4-H agent from Oshkosh who said, “Rensink has developed one of the largest and most comprehensive junior leader programs in the United States and has provided outstanding leadership in the field of conservation, conservation programs and school camping.”

Reg’s passion for environmental education was instrumental in working with the Junior Leaders and Leaders Association to fundraise and promote purchase of the land to establish a 4-H camp. Known as Camp TaPaWingo, the 77-acre camp was established in 1962 and includes a lodge, rustic cabins, nature trail, ski hill, arboretum, restored prairie, archery range and more. It is still used today for many outdoor educational classes that Reg was very much part of.

Reg Rensink is remembered as a very likable person with ever-ending enthusiasm for 4-H, and its youth and leaders. He developed new programs and encouraged youth to expand their 4-H participation.