Sattler, Diane and Donald

Don & Diane SattlerDiane & Donald Sattler

Calumet County 4-H Volunteers

Both Diane and Donald began their 4-H experience as 10-year 4-H members in Calumet County. When their children became 4-H age, they volunteered to be project leaders. This led to a volunteer career full of 4-H experiences: co-main leaders, each serving on the Calumet County Leaders Council; helping with older youth interviews; chaperoning interstate 4-H exchange trips; and much more. Each has received the County Outstanding 4-H Leadership Award.

Diane served as project leader in leathercraft, knitting and crocheting. She has judged arts & crafts, drawing & painting over 40 years in 10 different county fairs. Donald led the sheep and swine projects and enjoys helping in a variety of county fair roles.

They remained active even after their children graduated from the 4-H program. If you were to look for people that understood the head, heart, hands, and health meaning of 4-H and demonstrated the motto “To make the best better,” you find that in Diane and Donald’s lifetime commitment to 4-H.