Schleif, Rosanne M.

schleif_rosanneRosanne M. Schleif
Price County 4-H Educator

Rosanne Schleif served as the Price County 4-H Youth Development Educator for nearly 23 years, contributing her determination and vision through leadership development and training at the state and local levels.

Rosanne taught in Wisconsin and Minnesota schools for 12 years before beginning her career with 4-H in 1989. She promoted 4-H as the vehicle for providing opportunities that allowed all involved to reach their highest potential. Rosanne nurtured a vibrant 4-H leader group and engaged adult and youth leaders as supportive partners. An advocate for the environment and youth in the outdoors, Rosanne encouraged adults to step out of their comfort zones and shared her spirit of adventure by taking 4-H teens on award trips to the Boundary Waters.

Rosanne hosted and taught at district and state trainings, from Shooting Sports to Meat Animal Quality Assurance, and promoted policy changes that expanded outreach opportunities supported by the county 4-H organization.

Rosanne chaired and guided the teams for the initial Wisconsin 4-H Youth Protection Policies, Strengthening Club Leadership, and the Vitality of 4-H Community Clubs. She also served on the Outdoor Adventure Team and led the state-wide Bike & Fitness Challenge and the Wisconsin River Canoe Trip.

A colleague says, “Rosanne provided strong leadership and was an example to follow. She enjoyed successes in her county program, was continuously creating new work, and shared her enthusiasm with others, so her impact on youth development is multiplied many times over.”