Vos, Kathi

Kathi VosKathleen “Kathi” E. Vos

4-H Youth Development Specialist

Kathi was a 10-year member of the Wheatland Willing Workers 4-H Club in Kenosha County. As the Manitowoc County 4-H & Youth Agent, Vos empowered the 4-H Board to co-create a management system of 170 resource staff serving on 23 committees, to support 34 4-H clubs with 1,051 4-H members. As a state 4-H Youth Development specialist, she provided leadership to 4-H Family, Home and Health projects and Curriculum Development. She chaired the National 4-H Cooperative Extension Curriculum System that provided $800,000 to 24 design teams to produce 66 curriculum products. Vos co-lead the Wisconsin Afterschool Network that created 450 partnerships and an online course that trained staff to create 108 Afterschool activities.

Kathi is an enthusiastic, positive, forward-thinking professional who inspires and mentors others to be innovative risk takers. Although she retired in 2008, she truly believes that the best is yet to come for herself and the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development program.