Westfahl, Clarence

Clarence WestfahlClarence Westfahl

Winnebago County 4-H Agent

In Memoriam

Clarence joined 4-H in the early 1930s in Calumet County after meeting state 4-H staff T.L. Bewick and Wakelin McNeel at his elementary school. His projects were dairy and junior leadership.

At UW-Madison, he was active in the collegiate 4-H club while getting his agricultural degree. After teaching high school agriculture he started his Extension career as the Winnebago County 4-H Agent, a position he held from 1948-1979. The program expanded from being a rural organization to one opening up to urban youth under his leadership. His innovative programming included integrating a career focus into 4-H and reaching disadvantaged, troubled youth at the Wisconsin Resource Center.

He engaged volunteers and parents in creating growth and development opportunities for youth. Clarence was known for saying and believing: “A blue ribbon boy exhibiting a white ribbon animal at a show is more important than a white ribbon boy showing a blue ribbon animal.”