Yogerst, Norb and Barb

Norb & Barb YogerstNorb and Barb Yogerst

Washington County 4-H Volunteers

Norb and Barb have been 4-H leaders for over 25 years at the club and county level. They are a team who truly exemplify developing capacity in youth and adults. These 4-H alumni embrace education and annually work with over 500 youth, 150 volunteers, and professional 4-H staff statewide. This adds up to over 7,500 educational contacts on behalf of University of Wisconsin-Extension.

They are known for their involvement in the Shooting Sports program. Both are nationally certified Shooting Sports Trainers who travel throughout Wisconsin to help county volunteers and staff to start a shooting sports program, weaving in environmental education throughout. They have helped start or enhance 15-20 counties’ Shooting Sports programs.

Developing youth leaders is something that they do throughout their Shooting Sports work. One youth leader shared, “The Yogersts are one of the key reasons I continued to be actively involved in the Washington County 4-H Program. Barb and Norb made me realize my passion early on, teaching others, and encouraged me to become a youth leader. Without realizing it, I had quickly broke free from the shy and timid child I was when I first enrolled.”