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Nancy began sewing at the age of 10 as a Winnebago County 4-H member and has been sewing ever since. She is an author, designer, businesswoman, producer, blogger, and national sewing authority, and host of the popular show Sewing with Nancy.

4-H impacted Nancy’s life and gave her skills she still uses today. She adopted a motto shortly after participating in the State 4-H and Youth Conference, which she still uses today: “If something is worthwhile, you have to work for it.”

Nancy has worked for many worthwhile endeavors: she authored the “Let’s Sew” 4-H Clothing literature; provided national 4-H Sewing training via video satellite; founded Nancy’s Notions, a division of Tacony Corporation; and designs patterns, sewing, and quilting products.

Nancy is a mentor for thousands of youth and adults who have witnessed her love of sewing through TV, books, sewing articles, the popular Quilt Expo, and catalogs.

Nancy served on the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and her work has been recognized with the Wisconsin 4-H Alumni Award, 1991 National 4-H Alumni Award, and 1988 Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year.