Welcome to Wisconsin 4-H Projects!

A “project” is simply a topic that you can explore. On the following project pages, you’ll find descriptions and resources on a wide variety of major topics . . . from art to woodworking, from computers to rabbits, from clothing to small engines.

Select a project and you’ll usually find:

  • descriptions of project curriculum
  • 4-H events and activities that support the project
  • county fair exhibiting ideas and suggestions
  • Internet links to related sites
  • sources of more information.

As you explore, 4-H thinks you’ll learn more than just subject matter. You’ll learn “life” skills, too. These are valuable skills, such as understanding yourself, communicating and working with others, problem solving and decision making . . . skills that you can use the rest of your life.

If you are in 4-H, the projects and curriculum listed on these pages are only recommendations. Not all these projects may be offered in your 4-H club, county or state program, which may use different curriculum for projects, too. But these pages are great places to start for ideas, so browse away!

Comments or suggestions? Contact Joanna Skluzacek, Wisconsin 4-H Office, at joanna.skluzacek@wisc.edu