Electricity is a national 4-H project. It features curriculum that will guide you through the project. For a copy contact your County 4-H Office or order online at National 4-H Service Supply. For additional curriculum possibilities, explore the National Directory of 4-H Materials and do a key word search for Electricity.

Electricity 1
What you can do in this project: understand how to use electricity; identify electrical materials; wire a simple circuit; build a compass, flashlight, switch and electric motor.
Grades: 4-5
Resource: 06848, Magic of Electricity

Electricity 2
What you can do in this project: work with electrical equipment; learn to read circuit diagrams; build a circuit and measure voltages; communicate in Morse code.
Grades: 6-7
Resource: 06849, Investigating Electricity

Electricity 3
What you can do in this project: develop a basic electrical tool and supply kit; understand the symbols on wires and cables; locate your home wiring system.
Grades: 8-9
Resource: 06850, Wired for Power

Electricity 4
What you can do in this project: identify electrical and electronic parts and devices; learn how to solder and prepare parts for assembly; assemble a circuit using a transistor.
Grades: 10-12
Resource: 06851, Entering Electronics

Electricity Leader
Resources: 06852, Electric Excitement Helper’s Guide
4H500, I’m a 4-H Project Leader. Now What Do I Do?


Want to learn more about Electricity? Try the links below.

Electricity Project Training
Many counties hold local training for members and leaders in their favorite project areas, including electricity. Watch your county 4-H Family newsletter or contact your county Extension office for details.

National 4-H Engineering, Science and Leadership Events
Site for national 4-H contests and educational seminars including electricity.

Wisconsin 4-H and Youth Conference
If you’re in grades 8-10, check out the next Wisconsin 4-H and Youth Conference, scheduled each June at the UW-Madison campus. The conference offers educational seminars in most areas of 4-H. Contact your county Extension office for details.

Activity Plans

Learning by doing . . . that’s been the 4-H way for 100 years! Dive into these fun Electricity activities. Click on a file for a complete lesson plan.

County Fair

The county fair . . . what a great time it is! Every summer, families flock to county fairs to see the latest 4-H project exhibits. Exhibiting is a fun and educational way for youth to showcase their project work to judges and to the public. Judging materials are supported by Bill Shaw in memory of his wife, Shirley.


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How Stuff Works
Learn about computers, electronics, electromagnets, semiconductors, telecommunications, and more.

National 4-H Engineering, Science and Leadership Events
Site for 4-H contests including electricity and computer.

Pitsco, Inc.
Source of electric and electronic books and kits.

Science Club
Features kids’ science build-it projects and science fair ideas.

Science Made Simple
Focuses on science projects and experiments using household materials.

Science Toys
Make toys at home with common household materials that demonstrate scientific principles.

Wisconsin 4-H STEM
Resources and links to science, engineering, and technology activities.

Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction Curriculum Resource Center
Site features more than 7,000 Internet resources in dozens of topic areas, including science and technology, for students, parents and teachers. Resources can be searched by subject, keywords, grade level or content standard.

Project Support

For more information on the 4-H Electricity Project, contact the following:

UW-Extension County 4-H Offices
This is your link to a list of Wisconsin County Extension Offices. Select the county of your choice.