Observing the Normal Animal

Directions on how to give your 4-H project animal a physical exam to make sure it stays healthy. Includes a set of procedures and a chart to record your observations for one week. (2 pages, 42KB)

Note: This publication is a companion to the following publications that focus on the normal health of common animal species: 4H399B, cage birds; 4H369C, cats; 4H369D, cavies; 4H369E, dairy goats; 4H369F, dogs; 4H369G, tropical fish; 4H369H, pigeons; 4H369I, rabbits; 4H369J, sheep; and 4H369K, swine. Keywords, body condition, abnormalities,healthy animal, characteristics, veterinary science


Publication Number: 4H369A
Category: Animal Sciences
Sub-Category: Veterinary Science
Type: Evaluation Tool
Audience: Youth


PDF File Observing the Normal Animal

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