If you need immediate assistance on school breakfast programs, please visit the Department of Public Instruction website at: http://fns.dpi.wi.gov/fns_sbp1

Here you will find information and resources about Wisconsin School Breakfast Programs.

Brought to you by a partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Extension and the Department of Public Instruction-School Nutrition Team.

combined_models_203x373Traditional: Breakfast is typically served before classes start in a central location (usually the school’s cafeteria).  This model is used by the majority of Wisconsin schools.

Breakfast in the Classroom: Students eat breakfast in the classroom at the beginning of the school day.  Breakfasts can be individually packaged and include hot or cold items.

Grab n’ Go: Students pick up their prepackaged breakfast at school first thing in the morning, between classes, at a mid-morning break or they can be delivered to classrooms.

Mid-Morning Nutrition Break: Also called “second chance breakfast”, students eat breakfast during a break in the morning. It has highest success in middle and high schools.

Universal Free Breakfast: Breakfast is available at no charge to ALL students with any serving method – traditional, in the classroom, Grab ‘n Go, or Mid-Morning Break.

Eliminate Reduced-Price: Students who qualify for the reduced price meal are able to receive their breakfast for free in this model, increasing participation of these students.