Menu Ideas

Looking for some ideas to improve the popularity of your breakfast program?

Check out some ideas from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board!  Each month different tips and ideas will be featured, which you can use to increase breakfast participation and improve your bottom line.  Bookmark us!

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Looking for sample menus?

The Department of Public Instruction has put together an example three-week cycle menu for breakfast!  Whether you have a K-12 school or elementary, middle, and high schools, you will find a plan menu to work for you.

Click here for: On, Wisconsin! Menu resources for breakfast

What you offer for breakfast can have a big impact on your school breakfast program and can depend on:

  • compliance with federal and state regulations
  • cost of food
  • cost and time to prepare the food
  • seasonality
  • students taste and preference
  • storage of food
  • nutrition quality (how ‘healthy’ a food is or is perceived to be)