Food & Nutrition

Together, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction deliver food and nutrition assistance programs for individuals and families.

FoodShare Wisconsin

FoodShare Wisconsin provides money to help individuals or families to buy food. Participants are given a Quest Card which transfers money to the store to help cover the costs of food you are purchasing.

Fact Sheet for FoodShare (pdf)

Hoja de datos de FoodShare (pdf)

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Application and eligibility

Local Income Maintenance Agency (for application assistance)

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Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

WIC provides monthly vouchers to help you and your children eat healthy. You will also receive nutrition education, support to help you breastfeed your baby, and information on healthcare and other services.

Fact sheet for WIC (pdf)

Hoja de datos de WIC (Programa de nutrición suplementaria especial para mujeres, bebés y niños) (pdf)

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School Nutrition Programs

Schools may provide a variety of meals and snacks. In the National School Lunch Program, children can get free or lower price lunches at school. Some schools may also serve breakfast, milk programs, fresh fruits and vegetables snacks, after-school snacks, suppers, and summer meals.

Fact sheet for school meals (pdf)

Hoja de datos de school meals (programas nutritivos escolares) (pdf)

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Summer Food Service Program

In some communities, the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides free breakfast, lunch, and snacks to children during the summer. Meals are located in central locations, such as schools or community centers and are often hosted by summer camps and non-profit agencies.

Fact sheet for summer food service programs (pdf)

Hoja de datos de summer food service programs (programa de servicio de alimentos de verano) (pdf)

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Commodity Supplemental Food Program (“Stockbox” or “Cupboard Bound”)

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is also known as a “Stockbox” or “Cupboard Bound.” CSFP provides food to income eligible elderly in participating counties.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program Fact Sheet  (pdf)

Hoja de datos de Commodity Supplemental Food Program (programa suplementario de productos básicos) (pdf)

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Elderly Nutrition Program

The Elderly Nutrition Program (ENP) provides seniors with an affordable, nutritious meal while encouraging socialization and volunteer opportunities.

Fact sheet for Elderly Nutrition Program (pdf)

Hoja de datos de Elderly Nutrition Program (programa de nutrición para personas de edad avanzada) (pdf)

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County and Tribal Aging Offices

Local Meal Site Listings

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) provides food assistance in the form of food baskets or prepared meals to individuals with limited income. Food assistance is delivered via food pantries or meal sites.

Fact sheet for The Emergency Food Assistance Program (pdf)

Hoja de datos de Emergency Food Assistance Program (Programa de asistencia para alimentos de emergencia) (pdf)

Learn more about the Emergency Food Assistance Program:

Call 2-1-1 to find local emergency food assistance resources

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 The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP)

The Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) offers low-income older citizens an opportunity to purchase locally-grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs from local farmers. SFMNP checks can be used from June 1 through October 31.

Fact Sheet for Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (pdf)

Hoja de datos de Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (programa de nutrición de los mercados agrícolas para personas de edad avanzada) (pdf)

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