Resource for Wisconsin’s Meat Goat Producers

About the Network

Since there is no formal meat goat producer association in Wisconsin, this website, email group and information serves way for farms /individuals who raise meat goats to connect, network, share information and learn from each other. 

This is an informal network.

Contact Information

Coordination of the Network & Invitation to Contribute

Leslie, a meat goat farmer in Western Wisconsin, set up this resource for others who raise meat goats in Wisconsin. She’s currently coordinating this website, email group and Facebook group. If you’d like to help contribute to the website with photos of your goats and farm, please send them to Leslie at the network’s email above. Credit will be given to you, as well as a link to a farm website or email.Interested in helping coordinate this information group or have ideas? Contact Leslie through the email above. This is what we, as goat producers in Wisconsin, make it. Leslie is just getting things started. It’d be great to get others involved as well.

The webpage can be accessed at: