Goldenrod Soldier Beetle

Many people have noticed a golden-orange beetle on their flowers.  The Goldenrod Soldier Beetle is about 5/8-inch long, golden orange, with two prominent brown-black spots on thewings.  The adult goldenrod soldier beetle is very often seen on goldenrod flowers – hence the common name – but they will also visit many other flowers, especially yellow ones, also a variety of other late-summer blooming flowers where pollen and nectar can be found.

Adults may be seen from July to September, but are most abundant in August. They can be found in meadows, fields and in gardens. They feed primarily on pollen and nectar of flowers, but may also eat small insects such as caterpillars, and aphids. The flowers are also a meeting place for finding mates. They do no damage to the plants and do not bite or sting. They won’t harm your plants, so there’s no need for control.bug one 8-21-14


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