St. Croix Valley Master Gardener Association

The St. Croix Valley Master Gardener Association is made up of Master Gardeners in Pierce and St. Croix Counties.   With a current membership of almost 190 members, the group participates in numerous volunteer and educational opportunities.

SCVMGA serves as a resource for local Master Gardeners to find and help with volunteer projects, to learn more about horticulture, and to find other Master Gardeners with shared interests.  Each year, SCVMGA hosts Garden U, an all-day educational seminar for the public featuring a variety of speakers.  Other activities include a yearly plant sale, the proceeds from which are distributed as Community Service Grants each year.  SCVMGA coordinates educational booths at local county fairs, farmers markets, and other events, and produces a regular newsletter for its members.

SCVMGA meets monthly on the fourth Thursday at the Unitarian Church in River Falls, Wisconsin.  A short business meeting is followed by an educational speaker or activity.  Visitors from the public are welcomed and encouraged to come learn about a variety of topics, from fruits, vegetables, lawns, water quality, insects, diseases and more!

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