2015 Livestock Judging Results from Area Animal Science Days

(Madison) The 2015 Area Animal Science Days were held in Lafayette, Kewaunee, Dunn and Rock counties. Youth involved judged breeding and market classes of each of the following species, swine, beef, sheep and in some locations meat goats. Youth also answered a sets of species questions and seniors judges gave oral reasons on selected classes.

Congratulations again to all participants in this year’s regional contests. The top two Senior and Junior Teams from each site earned the opportunity to compete at the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest that was held on Monday, July 27th at the Lodi Fairgrounds. The contest site has pictures and scores from the event. https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/youthlivestock/programs/area-animal-science-days/ This program is sponsored by the WI 4-H Foundation, UW Animal Sciences Departments, 4-H Youth Development, and Milwaukee Stockyards.

Lafayette County: Friday, June 26
Seniors: 1st – Haakon Schriefer – Iowa ; 2nd – Brittany Rhyner – Iowa; 3rd –Josie Sindorf – Waukesha 4th – Mason Roscizewski – Waukesha; and 5th – Bailey Fritsch – Iowa
Senior Reasons Individuals: 1st – Mason Roscizewski, Waukesha
Senior Team: 1st – Iowa; 2nd – Waukesha
Senior Reasons Team: Iowa
Juniors: 1st – Morgan Vondra, Iowa; 2nd – Chad Achenbach- Crawford 3rd – Chuck Schmitz- Iowa; 4th – Mason Crooks- Grant; 5th – Brady Palzkill- Iowa
Junior Team: 1st – Iowa; 2nd – Crawford

2015 Area Animal Science Days Livestock Officials Lafayette

Kewaunee County: Monday, June 29
Seniors: 1st – Kim Beck- Sheboygan ; 2nd – Anatole Wiering- Manitowoc; 3rd – Becky Engelbrecht- Manitowoc; 4th – Jared Beck- Sheboygan; 5th – Heidi Tremaine- Waukesha
Senior Reasons Individuals: 1st – Heidi Tremaine, Waukesha
Senior Team: 1st – Sheboygan, 2nd – Manitowoc
Senior Reasons Team: 1st –Sheboygan
Juniors 1st – Caden Nicolaus- Sheboygan County; 2nd – Allison Ash- Manitowoc; 3rd – Gabrielle Haen- Kewaunee; 4th – Caitlyn Engelbrecht- Manitowoc; 5th – Shyann Smith- Manitowoc
Junior Team: 1st – Manitowoc; 2nd – Sheboygan

2015 Area Animal Science Days Livestock Officials Kewaunee

Dunn County: Tuesday, June 30
Seniors: 1st – Nicole Dittbrenner, Polk; 2nd – Cami Subra, Trempealeau; 3rd – Izzy Hudson, Pierce; 4th – Rachel Moseley, Jackson; and 5th – Jack Edwards- Dunn
Senior Reasons Individuals: 1st – Cami Subra, Jackson
Senior Team: 1st – Pierce, 2nd Chippewa
Senior Reasons Team: 1st – Chippewa
Juniors: 1st – Kaylee Bazille, Pierce; 2nd – Kailen Smerchek, Marathon; 3rd – Malorie Schmoll, Marathon; 4th – Kittrick Singerhouse, Dunn, 5th – Holly Groell, Eau Claire
Junior Team: 1st – Marathon; 2nd –Pierce

2015 Area Animal Science Days Livestock Officials Dunn

Rock County: Wednesday, July 1
Seniors: 1st – Alexis Timmel- Jefferson; 2nd – Ambrose Wiering- Manitowoc; 3rd – Hannah Schultz- Jefferson; 4th – Abigail Schulz- Dodge; 5th – Megan Greif- Manitowoc
Senior Reasons Individuals: 1st – Brooke Roberts, Manitowoc
Senior Team: 1st – Manitowoc #2; 2nd – Jefferson
Senior Reasons Team: Manitowoc County #2
Juniors: 1st – Reece Rufer- Green; 2nd – Riley Kappell- Dodge, 3rd – Samantha Rake- Columbia; 4th – Trevor Messmer- Jefferson 5th – Justin Taylor, Columbia
Junior Team: 1st – Columbia; 2nd –Green

Area Animal Science Days Officials - Rock

Pictures can be found at the following link: https://plus.google.com/b/109852629348876173407/photos/109852629348876173407/albums

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