2019 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Beef Performance Steer Division Information

Attention 2019 Junior Beef Exhibitors!

Those who wish to exhibit in the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair Performance Steer Division must have their steers weighed at one of the following locations:

March 2nd
Equity Livestock, Richland Center: 9 -10 am
Contact: Neal Anderson, 608.585.3092

Equity Livestock, Monroe, 9-10 am
Contact: Danielle Pernot, 608.214.5908

Tietz Livestock, New London, 9 to 10 am
Contact: Diane Jarvais, 715.630.0811

March 9th
Polk County Fairgrounds, St. Croix Falls, 9 to 10 am
Contact: Dale Woods, 715.491.4778

Milwaukee Stockyards, Reeseville, 9 to 10 am
Contact: Brian Bolan, 608.576.7312

**Please contact a weigh in site coordinator in advance to confirm participation. If you would like to participate in the performance steer division but there is not a weigh in site listed within 60 miles of your residence, please contact the Wisconsin State Fair Agriculture Office via email at entryoffice@wistatefair.com or by phone at 414.266.7051 prior to March 1st.**

Each steer weighed in must have 840 ear tag and DNA identification to be officially recorded.
840 ear tags and DNA kits can be purchased in advance at: https://wismis.fairmanager.comor they will be issued at the weigh in site and the exhibitor will be expected to go online to make payment for these required identification supplies within 7 days. Failure to submit payment online within 7 days will result in 840 ear tag and DNA identification being voided.

2019 Wisconsin State Fair Performance Steer Entry Information

This program emphasizes the exhibitor’s ability to select and raise steers which will be evaluated on rate of gain, visual appraisal and ultrasound carcass.

1) Steers must be entered in the Performance Steer Division when entries are made. Performance steers are eligible to exhibit in the market steer and the Bred & Owned divisions with an additional entry fee and appropriate entry.

2) It is recommended steers are born after January 1, 2018. They must be weighed, and 840 ear tag/DNA identified at one of the official Wisconsin State Fair beef weigh in sites on March 2nd or 9th. See http://www.wistatefair.com/pdfs/competitions/entry_info/beef_performance_sites.pdf for locations and details. An unlimited number of steers per exhibitor may be weighed and 840 ear tag/DNA identified but no more than 2 may be exhibited in the Performance Division at the Fair. Performance steers are subject to all rules for drug residue and unethical practices listed in the Junior Beef section as well as the “Junior General Rules and Regulations” section located on www.wistatefair.com.

3) Overall placing will be based on:
Rate of Gain Component (40%): Steers will be weighed at the Fair on Monday, August 5th. The Fair weight and the weight recorded at the official Wisconsin State Fair performance identification site (March 2nd or March 9th) will be used to calculate average daily gain.
Visual Appraisal (live show) Component (20%): Steers will show by official Fair weight on Tuesday, August 6th at 8 am. No adhesives or paints or like products can be used. The top steers in the live show will be selected from the top two placing in each class.
Ultrasound Carcass Component (40%): Ultrasound data will be collected at the Fair. Steers will be evaluated on estimates of USDA yield and quality grades which determine carcass value. These grades will be estimated by using ultrasound to measure 12th rib fat thickness, rib eye area and marbling score. Value-Based Beef Carcass Evaluation favors carcasses which grade USDA Choice or higher and USDA Yield Grade 2 and lower.

4) The Performance Competition is non-terminal; therefore, performance steers must be taken home when released on Thursday, August 8th.

AWARDS/PRIZE MONEY (Straight placing)

Grand Champion Overall $300 & Banner
Reserve Grand Champion Overall $250 & Banner
3rd Overall    $200 & Rosette
4th Overall $150 & Rosette
5th Overall $100 & Rosette
6th – 10th Overall  $50 & Rosette
Champion Rate of Gain $200 & Plaque
Reserve Champion Rate of Gain $100 & Plaque
Champion Ultrasound Carcass $200 & Plaque
Reserve Champion Ultrasound Carcass $100 & Plaque
Champion Visual Appraisal $200 & Plaque
Reserve Champion Visual Appraisal $100 & Plaque
11th – 20th $23
21st – 30th $22
31st – 40th $21
41st and Beyond $20

If you have any further questions, please contact Wisconsin State Fair at entryoffice@wistatefair.com.

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