State 4-H Meats Contest set for Saturday, April 27!

We cordially invite you to again bring your county junior and senior teams to the upcoming meat judging contest, to be held Saturday, April 27, at the UW Madison Meat Laboratory. All of the materials can be found online at

We will continue with the change from the 2005 contest, junior contestants will be given a copy of the “Beef Carcass Evaluation Worksheet,” which they can use in the contest. This will assist junior members in learning about and applying beef yield and quality grades. Senior contestants cannot use the “Beef Carcass Evaluation Worksheet” in the contest.

The national 4-H meats judging contest has incorporated oral reasons at their contest for many years. We will have senior contestants give one set of reasons.

 Special note: We are using a slightly different meats retail card due to changes from the 2017 national 4-H meats judging contest. The main change is Country Style Ribs are considered a Various Primal, NOT a Loin Primal.

 All the information you are receiving will also be placed on the Animal Science Extension Youth Programs Website:

Park in Lot 39, right in front of the Meat Science Building. The Crazy Legs race will be occurring that day, therefore there might be some road closures around campus. Indicate that you are on your way to the meats judging contest. Walnut Street to Observatory Drive, right on Elm and right on Linden, should get you there with minimal problems.

Here is the campus map for a better understanding. Contest location address: 1805 Linden Drive, Madison, WI.

For further information, feel free to contact Jeff Sindelar, Extension Meats Specialist at or Bernie O’Rourke, Extension Livestock Specialist at

Cost per participant is $12.00.  Send Registration Form & Payment by Friday, April 19 to: Lynn Pfeiffer, 4-H Youth Development, 436 Lowell Hall, 610 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53703,(608)262-1222 (phone), (608) 265-6407 (fax), 711 for WI Relay. Email: Also send a copy of registration to: Bernie O’Rourke,

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