Children learn about money from talking to adults and watching how others spend, save, share, and borrow money. UW-Extension has created these Parent Guides for popular children’s book about money. The guides provide discussion questions to talk about as you read the book with a young child. There are also fun activities to do at home, at the store, or in the community that will help to revisit the positive money lessons learned in the book. Click on the book title below to view or download a copy of the parent guide.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think about these guides, the family activities, or suggestions you have for additional books. Please take a moment to fill out a short survey and share your ‘2 cents’!

If you have additional questions about these UW-Extension “Dollars During Development” materials or talking with young children about money, please get in touch with a UW-Extension educator in your community.

Deena's Lucky Penny guide
Ella Earns Her Own Money Guide
follow the money guide

jenny found a penny guide
just saving my money guide
make money have a lemonade stand guide

tops and bottoms guide
can't buy a dino with a dime gide
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