How to support 4-H Tech Wizards

  • Become a Mentor
  • Sponsor Trips and Events
  • Host a tour of a local tech industry
  • Financial support
  • Provide Technical Support
  • Lead a training for mentors and youth
  • Computer maintenance

Am I qualified to be mentor?

Wisconsin Tech Wizards are seeking mentors for the program within Milwaukee and Racine Counties.  Our team is looking for individuals that are willing to devote their time to four youth to help them learn about science.

Don’t worry, a mentor does not need to be a science guru!

We are all learning together and we want you to become a part of our program.

 Why become a mentor?

Becoming a 4-H Tech Wizards Mentor is an exciting opportunity for the 4-H community to include interests that will directly influence the 4-H members’ future career choices. Our youth have opportunities in finding a direction to follow in college, in discovering groups with similar intellectual interests, or bringing them back to help expand the technology based education for the future. It is exciting to engage a youth in something that is achievable and fun which will build confidence in his or her abilities.

In an age where computers, phones, and other technologies are found in every home and even on the playground, there is a direct need to make sure that the community be involved in shaping positive, healthy, and educational experiences with these tools.

Technology changes so fast that it is not possible to teach the children what they need to know for the future, but we have the opportunity and responsibility to make understanding the concepts of technology so innate, that each child can easily imagine what part he or she could play in the future.

 What is expected of a mentor?

The mentor will work with school-aged youth engaged in the program. Volunteers will instill a confidence to succeed by nourishing young people’s curiosity for science and engineering through hands-on learning using 4-H STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum.

  • One mentor to four youth. (1:4 mentor:youth ratio)
  • Conduct at least two (1.5hr) hands-on sessions per month plus checking in with the kids on the off weeks.
  • Participate in organizing family events.
  • Work with students throughout the summer and school year. Ideally committing to at least 1 year. This is intended to be an ongoing program for the kids.
  • Attend a one-time-only 4-H volunteer training at the your local County Extension Office location
  • A background check is required.