Workplace Flexibility

Allowing Employees Some Leeway Is Good for Businesses and the Economy

The importance of workplace flexibility is the topic of this article by Sarah Jane Glynn and Joanna Venator, written for The Center for American Progress (an independent nonpartisan educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action).

Workplace flexibility is one of five issues facing workers today; the others being paid sick days, paid family and medical leave, child care, and the wage gap.  Even though about half of all workers on U.S. payrolls today are women, this is not just a “women’s issue” since the changing nature of our families impacts men and women, adults and children. Indeed, as our population continues to rapidly age, more and more workers are finding themselves providing elder care to their aging parents as well.

Read this article to learn the key facts you need to know about the importance of workplace flexibility.