New Packer fans come from surprising places

The Internal Revenue Service reports that 45,283 people filing federal individual income taxes in Wisconsin in 2008 lived and filed their taxes from outside of Wisconsin in 2007. Adding the dependents they claimed, a total of 83,432 new residents moved into the state during the year.

Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, and California topped the list, providing slightly over 50% of all new Wisconsin residents. What state ranked sixth in providing 3,273 new Wisconsin residents?

A. Iowa
B. Indiana
C. New York
D. Texas

D. Texas

According to the IRS, a total of 1,674 tax filers (3,273 including dependents) moved from Texas to Wisconsin between 2007 and 2008. Similar information for every state and county in the US is available free online at:,,id=214177,00.html

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