Women and advanced degrees in the UW System

In 2010, women earned 55 percent of the 24,766 bachelor’s degrees conferred by the University of Wisconsin System (UWS). In addition, UWS granted 7,145 advanced degrees in 2010. What percentage of the 7,145 advanced degrees did women receive?

A. 32%
B. 46%
C. 57%
D. 65%

C. 57 percent
In 2009-10, a total of 4,098 women received graduate degrees from UWS institutions. Women earned 59 percent of the Master’s degrees conferred and 50 percent of the Doctorate degrees in 2009-10.

The two doctoral programs with the highest percentage of women graduates were veterinary medicine (80.5%) and Pharmacy (61.8%). The Law school had the lowest percentage of women graduates with 43.9 percent.

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