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According The 2009 American Community Survey 1-year estimates, foreign born residents account for an estimated 5.4 percent of the 3,761,656 Wisconsinites age 25 years and older.

QUESTION: What percentage of Wisconsin’s 27,467 foreign born residents over the age of 25 years old have Masters degrees, PHD’s and other advanced professional degrees (i.e. MDs, and JDs)

A. 3.5% (+/- 0.7%)
B. 5.3% (+/-0.04%)
C. 6.8% (+/-1.1%)3
D. 8.6% (+/-0.87%)

D. 8.6 percent (+/-0.87%) of Wisconsin’s 203,610 foreign born residents have an advanced college degree. That compares to 5.4 percent of Wisconsin residents born in the United States or born abroad to U.S. citizens.

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