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Wisconsin’s lower than average per capita income (PCI)* is one of the most frequently cited economic metrics. We are often reminded that Wisconsin’s PCI is below the national, Minnesota and Illinois PCIs.

What is often not mentioned is that Wisconsin’s PCI is above that of twenty-two states including Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa.

*PCI is calculated by simply dividing total personal income of an area by the total population of the area.

QUESTION: What about within Wisconsin? The most recently available county-level data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (2009) reports that Ozaukee and Waukesha counties had the highest PCIs in the state.

What County ranked third?

A. Vilas
B. Door
C. Dane
D. St. Croix

C. Dane

Dane County ranked third in the state in 2009 with a PCI at of $43,824. Ozaukee County ($57,946) and Waukesha County ($52,339) ranked first and second. Door, St. Croix, and Vilas Counties were 5th, 14th and 32nd respectively. Thirty eight percent of the respondents answered the question correctly.

Similar information for all counties

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