How Much is Enough?

Anyone who bought a lottery ticket last week probably spent a few minutes dreaming about how $640 million would change their life?  Those dreams can now be realities for the three people who picked the winning numbers in last week’s biggest ever Mega Millions Lottery.   Each winner will receive about $100 million after taxes.

Each winner will also receive plenty of advice about how to spend and invest their winnings.   How much would the winner receive if the entire $100  million is simply invested in 10 year U.S. Treasury Bonds and only the interests is spent each year?

A. $1 million per year
B. $3,000 per day
C. $42,000 per week
D. $51,000 per month

C. $42,000 per week

Currently, ten-year Treasuries yield about 2.2 percent. That’s about $2.2 million per year or $6,000 per day.

A 403B is a better bet.