Alto Fair Little Britches August 11, 2022

The purpose of Little Britches is to promote the interest of young kids and future exhibitors in the 4-H Dairy Project. It will allow these young kids a chance to get a taste of the competition of the show and hopefully encourage them to participate with their own animals when they get older.

When: Thursday, August 11th @2:30 PM
Sign-up: by June 30th with the Registration Form
Judge: Showmanship winners from Dairy Project

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Participant must have completed Kindergarten through 2nd grade the previous school year
  • Calves to be used have to be born on March 1st or later of the current year
  • Participants can bring their own calves, or use a calf already in the 4-H show from someone they already know
    • Must pass a health paper by a Vet within 2 weeks of the Fair
    • Livestock Premise ID will be required per WI State rules
    • Calves will be checked into the grounds Tuesday night (August 9th) by 9pm and will remain at the grounds until Thursday night (August 11th) until release at 9pm
  • Cattle must be taken care of during the duration of the fair
    • That includes washing them in the mornings and making sure they are fed and watered throughout the day.
    • Barn Duty will not be required and will be covered by the Dairy Project Members
  • Parent/Guardian must be present at the time of show and complete a signed waiver form (with the entry form)
  • Download the Registration Form here