Swine Project Updates

The Fond du Lac County Fair Hog Show will be non-terminal.  

Due to processor capacity issues and processors not being able to slaughter all hogs at the same time directly from the fair, the Fond du Lac County Fair is now a non-terminal show. This means any hog not going through the sale can go home for breeding purposes, to be shown at state fair or other late summer jackpot show or go to a processor at a later date.  Exhibitors will be responsible for hauling their own non-sale hogs immediately after the fair either home or to a processor they have an appointment with.  Please note the Sale will still be a “terminal sale”-all sale animals are to be slaughtered. 

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor/family to make the necessary appointments for non-sale animals if they choose to have them processed. Please make appointments early as there is limited space in the processors.   

If exhibitors make appointments for immediately after the fair, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to transport the animal to the processor.  The Fond du Lac County Fair will transport sale hogs to the buyers’ choice of processor.   

Processor/Market* Location Phone Number 
Loehr’s Meat Market Campbellsport 920.533.4513 
Kewaskum Frozen Foods Kewaskum 262.626.2181 
Brandon Meats Brandon 920.346.2227 
Beck’s Meat Oshkosh 920.589.2104 
Salchert’s Meats St. Cloud 920.999.2651 

PRRS/PRV Negative Test is required to show. 

Because the Fond du Lac County Fair is a non-terminal show, it is now required to have a negative PRRS and SECD test within 90 days prior to the fair.  This testing requirement is in addition to the required swine health certificate needed to exhibit at the Fond du Lac County Fair.  Health certificates are required within 30 days of the fair.  Hogs will not be able to unload at the fair without a certificate indicating a negative test and a health certificate.   Please contact your veterinarian regarding PRRS rope test and health certificates.

Fond du Lac County Fair has prohibited the feeding of ractopamine to show animals. 

The fair board has prohibited exhibitors from feeding their hogs feed containing ractopamine, commonly known as Paylean or Engain.  Animals exhibited at the fair are subject to random testing for presence of this additive.  Should it be discovered after the sale when the animal is processed the animal has been fed feed containing ractopamine, the exhibitor will be required to make the buyer whole for any loss incurred due to the animal being rejected for processing at the processing plant/slaughterhouse.  Should an animal test positive for ractopamine, the exhibitor will be prohibited from selling at the fair for a year.