Strategies for Improving Credit Scores

Credit worthiness is a priority for many families.  As educators, it can be useful to focus on people who are most in need of improving low credit scores or establishing credit at all. This brief summarizes how educators and counselors can work with their clients to develop credit building strategies.

Issue Brief: Community-based Educators Guide to Building Credit Worthiness mp3 file*:Strategies for Improving Credit Scores
(conversation on 4/21/2014)

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Additional Resources

UW-Extension Check Your Free Credit Report Campaign website provides a variety of useful tools and resources for educators.

The Annual Credit Report website is the only official site for accessing free credit reports.

To learn about consumer rights or file a credit discrimination complaint visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website

The Federal Reserve provides a consumer’s guide to credit reports on their website.

The Federal Trade Commission’s website provides information on a variety of topics concerning credit and loans, as well as alerting consumers to recent scams.

Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance brief on the use of credit scores in insurance markets.

Federal Trade Commission website on use of credit reports by employers.