In loving memory of:

Kathleen Morgen-UW Extension Environmental Educator (October 1946 – June 2009)  and Karen Danielsen- GLIFWC Forest Ecologist  (October 1958 – October 2009) who helped create this remarkable learning tool for students of all ages.

Project Motivator

Mike Giroldi, Mellen High school biology teacher and his students.

Project Partners

UW Extension- Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center Staff:
Kathleen Morgen
Kristin Maharg
Sarah Traaholt

Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC) Staff:
Karen Danielsen
Tanya Aldred
Steve Garske

Cooperative Educational Service Agency #12  Staff:
Sue Masterson
Lorri Mattes

USDA Forest Service Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest Staff:
Linda Parker
Steven Spickerman
Larry Rantula

Cynthia Guy
Dottie Coleman
Ron Boncyk

Teachers: Nancy Newman, Michael Anderson, Mark O’Neil
Other: Linda Parker, Janet Marr

Printing Plus
University of Wisconsin Printing

*Note: For credentials and project participation please see user guide acknowledgements.