Fire Safety

The first type of emergency we will talk about is dealing with a fire emergency and being safe with fire.

Please watch the following interview with a firefighter as he talks about fire emergencies and fire safety.

The firefighter in the previous video shared how important it is to keep yourself safe and that once you are out of a burning house not to go back inside for any reason.  The fire department will go in to save anyone who is trapped.  Please view the following YouTube video to see just how fast and hot a fire can get in a short amount of time.

What did you think after watching that video?  Were you surprised at how quickly the fire spread?

Please answer the following “Fire Safety” questions to see what you learned about fire emergencies and safety.

Fire Safety (questions)

View the correct answers to the Fire Safety Assessment.

Here’s a Fire Safety fact sheet to give you more ideas of things to discuss with your child or children about fire safety.

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