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Supporting Mental Health

Wisconsin residents report an average of 3.8 poor mental health days in a month, yet many people do not have proper tools or skills to effectively reduce or manage the daily stress they experience. In 2020, the isolation of pandemic restrictions and concerns about physical health and safety increased stress and mental health concerns. In […]

Virtual Strength Training Leads to Improved Health

Approximately two-thirds of all Wisconsin deaths are attributed to chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of chronic illnesses and has additional benefits, including improvements in strength, muscle mass, bone density, and mental health. Across the United States, only 9% of adults are reaching the strength […]

Strengthening Food Security During COVID-19

Food insecurity contributes to poor mental and physical health, cognitive and behavioral challenges in school, and more difficult family functioning. The pandemic was particularly devastating to food security because it disrupted the four foundations of food security: economic security, access to strong federal nutrition programs, a robust emergency food network, and a vibrant food system. […]

Healthy markets, strong communities: Enhancing EBT at farmers markets

Food security has taken on a new prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic through major disruptions to access to healthy foods and family economic conditions. Extension and the Milwaukee Farmers Market Coalition tackled both, more than doubling the amount of federal food assistance used in Milwaukee-area markets. Ten Milwaukee farmers markets recorded $150,000 in sales in […]

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