Bra~vo Intimates


Store Name Bra~vo Intimates
Providing special fits for customers of all shapes, sizes, and desires.Business Type Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores

NAICS Code 448

Location 517 S. Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067

Nearby Businesses 6 Salon, Pronto Restaurant, Green Bee, Bogart’s Basket

Owner/Manager Rebecca Aughton

Special Store Activities In office Executive appointments. Bra~vo will visit busy executives in their own offices to fit them, allowing them to continue their important work schedules. It is an exclusive service that Bra~vo offers those needing “Bra-Wardrobing” services and are short on time.

Year Opened 2001

Website n/a

Phone 248-582-7286

E-mail n/a

Community Profile Royal Oak, MI Community Profile: Population of City – 60,062. Population of 10-mile ring – 1,317,043. The City of Royal Oak is part of the Detroit metro area. Royal Oak has maintained its appeal as a small town, while providing many of the amenities of a large city. The city is often called the “City of Trees” due to its multitude of trees.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Specialty bras with expansive size and style selection, expert bra fitting and outstanding customer service.

Market Segments Served

Bra~vo Intimates serves the tri-county area and beyond. Customers will travel two hours to get a proper fit. Once fitted, they can order over phone or soon via the web. Many customers refer friends and relatives, which has prompted Bra~vo to start a referral program.

Contributions to the Business Community

Bra~vo brings customers from not only the tri-county area, but as far away as Port Huron, Saginaw, Toledo, Ohio and Indiana. Bra~vo frequently recommends other businesses and restaurants in town to their customers. They maintain an excellent report with other business owners and keep up to date information on what is happening in other stores so they can inform customers. Bra~vo also keeps menus handy for customers, and will call ahead to make reservations for them.