LGC Partner,Prof. Brian Ohm, Authors Extension Report on Changes to Planning Laws

A new Extension Report summarizing Wisconsin planning-related case law and state legislative enactments for the past year.  It is available at the UW-Madison Urban and Regional Planning Website website. 

Significant court cases over the past year eliminated the authority of towns to zone land within the shoreland area and further reduced the extraterritorial plat approval authority of cities and villages. Significant Brian Ohmlegislative developments over the past year include changes to the requirements for shoreland zoning in cities and villages, enabling a limited number of towns to use tax increment financing, and changes to the certified survey map requirements to encourage redevelopment and reuse of certain lands.  All these, and more, are summarized in the report entitled: The Year in Review: A Summary of Wisconsin Planning Cases from June 1, 2013 – July 1, 2014 and Recent Legislation.

The report is authored by Brian Ohm.  Brian is a Professor and UWEX Planning Law Specialist at both UW-Madison and UW Extension.  Brian has worked with the Local Government Center most recently as the co-moderator of the Local Land Use Planning and Zoning WisLine Series.