Good Bye Local Call Blog

Sometime during the summer of 2016 The Local Government Center will take down and no longer use the “Local Call” blog. There is a new Local Government Center web site coming online soon and that along with the Center’s social media pages on Facebook and Flickr, will serve a similar function to “Local Call” of getting information out promptly about the Center or local government issues. It will be easier for the Center to keep updated, and there will not be the same need for the blog.

Some posts, such as “County Supermajority Votes” or “Bankruptcy is not and Option for Wisconsin Communities” will be moving over to the web site, but not all.   Some were more news items and information that are now available elsewhere. If you have any favorite posts, you may want to save or print those now.

Thank you all for your visits, and watch for Local Government Center’s new web site and social media sites.  In the mean time, explore the current Local Government Center web site for information and insights on local government in Wisconsin.