Assembly Forestry Committee to meet AB 342 — a bill to exempt some lands from withdrawal payments

On Nov 1, the Assembly Forestry Committee will take public testimony on AB342.

The Legislative Reference Bureau summarizes the bill as follows:

This bill exempts an owner who withdraws land from the MFL Program from the payment of withdrawal taxes and fees if the owner withdraws the land for the purpose of constructing a human residence and if the land was designated as MFL
before October 11, 1997. The bill specifies that the owner must withdraw at least one acre of land but not more than three acres of land unless the land is subject to a local zoning ordinance that establishes a minimum acreage for the construction of a human residence. In that case, the owner may withdraw the amount of acreage required under the applicable zoning ordinance even if that amount exceeds three acres. The bill specifies that DNR may not order withdrawal of the owner’s remaining MFL unless the remaining MFL fails to meet MFL eligibility requirements.

No fiscal estimate is yet available.

The bill can be tracked by RSS.

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