Silvopasture — opportunities and challenges in Wisconsin

“Picture a savanna with lush grass, a herd of grazing animals, and scattered trees. Silvopasture is a farming system modeled on savannas that integrates tree, grass, and livestock production. In many parts of the world, farmers and foresters find that combining grazing animals with woodlands or tree plantations can improve both tree growth and milk or meat production.”

So, opens a recent factsheet by Diane Mayerfeld, PhD student and UW-Extension Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator. Diane’s Phd project will investigate the potential of silvopasture as a grazing option in Wisconsin. Her research will include field trials and outreach to graziers, resource professionals and landowners to build greater knowledge of the topic. The factsheet reports on early listening sessions in SW Wisconsin with these interests, and was funded with support from the Kickapoo Valley Reforestation Fund.

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