Commercial – Common Questions

Below are some common questions about commercial pesticide application you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the certification and licensing process on the “Commercial – How to get certified and licensed” page.

When testing at a DATCP testing site (other than Madison) or taking the exam at a training / review session, please allow at least 2 to 3 weeks after taking the test to receive your results and certification card in the mail.

If testing through Pearson Vue, you will get your score immediately and your card will be emailed to you within 3 business days.

If you have not received your results after 3 weeks, please contact DATCP (the PAT program has NO access to exam scores or information).

To contact DATCP: email – or phone – 608 224-4548. Please leave a message if calling.

You order training materials at the UW PAT Store.

NOTE: Application businesses need a Business License for each business location. Each applicator working for that business needs an individual pesticide applicator license. All licenses expire annually on December 31 and have to be renewed annually.

A) If you are a commercial applicator for-hire (you apply on other peoples property for pay) applying ANY pesticide, you need to be licensed.

B) If you are applying any restricted use pesticide as a commercial applicator, you will have to be licensed. You are using a restricted use pesticide if you see a box like this on the first page of the pesticide label. You have to be certified and licensed to buy and use this product.

You can apply for your license (business or individual) at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection’s web site: DATCP’s Licensing Web Site

Certification is good for 5 years. Your expiration date is listed on your certification card. Don’t have your card? Go to the DATCP website in the link below and search your name. If you do not see yourself in this database then you are presently not certified.

Certified Applicator Search

The PAT number is a 6-digit number found on your Training Registration Certificate. You receive a different certificate and PAT Number for every different manual you purchase.

If you order a printed (hard copy) manual, the certificate is taped to the first page of your book just inside the front cover. If you order a PDF manual or online course, the certificate will be sent to you via email (this is your “E-Ticket”). You will receive this email within 1-3 business days of your order. You PAT number is the large red number in the E-Ticket.

You must show this certificate (either printed or electronic) to DATCP or enter in your PAT number with Pearson Vue when taking your certification exam. Your certification will not be issued until you provide this to to the testing agency.

You can show the exam proctor your E-ticket on your phone rather than printing it out.

The PAT number is needed to get certified in Wisconsin. It is issued to you when you purchase training materials. If you have lost your PAT number, please contact the UW PAT Program to have it reissued. The UW PAT Program may charge a $10.00 service charge for reissuing a certificate or E-Ticket.

Yes. You need to add new employees to your business licenses as they are hired. Please email with a) your business license number; b) business name; c) new employee’s name and applicator license number. They will be added to your license.

Yes, you can take the test again. However, there are, by law, certain waiting periods before you can retake the exam.

  • First failure: 24 hours
  • Second failure: 30 days
  • Third failure: 30 days
  • Fourth failure: 6 months.

Unfortunately, yes. Certification is a five-year period. Once it starts, anything you do in that 5-years period is considered an “amendment” (a change or addition to a legal or statutory document) to that existing five-year certification. Adding categories to your five-year certification period does not have an effect on that period. This means that the period ends at the same time no matter when you add to it.

We recommend, if possible, achieving all the categories you need in the first year of starting your certification period.


Commercial certificationNo minimum age.
Individual commercial license16 years of age.
Worker Protection Standard (Agriculture)18 years of age
Changes are coming in the next couple of years. Stay tuned.

The EPA changed their rules about who can use restricted use pesticides (RUPs), stating a minimum age of 18 years old to use RUPs. Wisconsin is in the process of updating their rules to comply. Because this process started a couple of years ago, our manuals reflect this new rule, even though it has not been put into action in Wisconsin as of yet. This process may take a further 2 to 3 years. Those certified before the rule change takes effect in Wisconsin are likely to be grandfathered in.

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