DATCP has opened in-person Commercial pesticide certification testing in Green Bay, Wausau, Waukesha, Madison and Eau Claire. [ To Register ]

Certification has been extended, NOT Commercial Applicator Licenses. These are two different things.  You will have to renew your license as you have in the past.
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9/9/2021: UPDATE

  • When taking the in-person exam you will have to provide your certificate with PAT number to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection’s (DATCP) test proctor to have your certification processed. If you purchased a book this comes folded up in your manual, if you purchased an pdf or online course, then you will receive it via email.
  • In 2022 we will be transitioning into an “E-ticket” system. When you purchase training materials you will receive an “E-ticket” with your PAT number. Just like going to a movie or sporting event, you will then present this (on your phone or printed out) to the DATCP test proctor at time of taking the test.
  • Private Applicators will have the option to do an online training.  You must pay the training fee with materials of $30.00 either at your County Extension Office or at the UW PAT Store.  The online training is not mandatory, you are welcome to self-study and test only.  Training will be available each month from the 1st to the 14th (cost $10.00). You can take the training anytime during that 14 day period. To register, go to the UW PAT Store and select the training you want to register for under the Private Applicator Training header.  You will receive an invitation with link and password to access the online training.  For those that can’t take advantage of an online exam, please contact your County Extension Office to see if they are offering limited in-person testing. Private Greenhouse & Nursery and Fruit Crops exams are available also.

For questions about certification, licensing, testing (in-person), regulations and pesticide laws please contact the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) at datcppesticideinfo@wi.gov.  If you have questions about training materials and online access to a course please contact the UW PAT Program at patprogram@mailplus.wisc.edu.

Please be advised that pdf manual delivery is not automated.  Your order will be processed. We aim to process orders the same day they are received (if received before 2 p.m.).


What is the PAT Program?

The University of Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT) Program develops and provides educational material to help you become certified to apply pesticides in Wisconsin. In order to become certified, you must pay a certification fee to obtain some of these educational materials. You can learn more about the certification process on the “Certification” page.

Before ordering, you should determine whether you are a “commercial” or “private” applicator, because your options are different for each. You can find out the difference between commercial and private applicators by clicking on the “certification” or the “ordering materials” menu link above.

There are many different categories you can get certified in (list of categories here). With your certification fee, you can choose to get a printed manual, a PDF manual, or an online course (for some categories only). Don’t know which to choose? Check out this podcast for an introduction to these choices:  What Should I Order?

Having trouble navigating through our online ordering process? Here’s a podcast that explains how to do it.

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Training Registration Certificates (TRC): If you ordered a printed manual, your TRC is folded and placed between the front cover and the first page of your manual. If you order a PDF or online course, we email your TRC to you. DO NOT lose this certificate. You must bring this page with you when you take your certification exam. The exam proctor from the DATCP) will collect it. Your exam will not be processed without the certificate. Manuals will no longer have this certificate as a tear out page as it was in the past. If you lose this form there is a $10 fee to replace it. NOTE: for the temporary online exams, you will need the PAT Number that is on this certificate.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection’s Role in Certification

DATCP enforces the pesticide laws in Wisconsin.  DATCP also writes and administers the certification exams and grants certification. DATCP also issues individual pesticide applicator and pesticide application business licenses in the state.   Note: The UW PAT program does NOT write or administer the certification exam. Also, the exam is NOT given at the UW-Madison campus. Exams are given ONLY at DATCP test-only facilities or at training/review sessions.  DATCP provides the test location on the receipt you get when you schedule an exam. You need to contact DATCP (see below) for any questions dealing with scheduling an exam, exam results or any other exam-related questions.


Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT)

Contact PAT for questions about getting training materials, signing up for live review sessions, or any questions or comments you have about our training material.

Mailing address:

Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm – Monday to Friday

PAT Program
1575 Linden Dr
Madison WI 53706-1597

Program email: PATprogram@mailplus.wisc.edu
Program phone: 608-262-7588


Glenn Nice
PAT Program Manager, gnice@wisc.edu or 608-263-6358

Steve Tomasko
PAT Outreach Specialist, stomasko@wisc.edu or 608-265-4315

Jean Siewert
PAT Program Office Support Staff, jean.siewert@wisc.edu or 608-262-7588

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)

Contact DATCP for questions about certification, licensing, scheduling an exam, exam scores, or issues of pesticide regulations.

General mailing address:

Department of Agriculture
2811 Agriculture Dr.
Madison WI 53708

Pesticide Certification & Licensing program

Phone: 608-224-4548
Website: Bureau of Agrichemical Management
Email: datcppesticideinfo@wi.gov for questions regarding Pesticide Certification and Licensing

Exam scheduling website: Scheduling an Exam
Email: datcpcertexam@wi.gov if you need to schedule an exam or cancel one that you have scheduled (if not using the online exam scheduling site in the link above).