Before moving ahead, you need to know if you are a private or commercial applicator.
See the definitions below.

You are a Private Applicator if . . .

You use a pesticide to produce an agricultural commodity AND you apply those pesticides on land you or your employer owns or controls. If BOTH of these are true, click Private Applicator in the menu above.

You are a Commercial Applicator if . . .

You don’t fit the definition of Private Applicator above. If this is the case, click Commercial Applicator in the menu above.

Posted Information

Price Increase and Shipping Changes for Printed Manuals

Due to increase costs of printing and shipping, there have been some slight price increases for printed material and changes to shipping.

New Certification Manuals for 2024 with New Content

Ne certification manuals for 2024 feature some new content.

Restricted Use Pesticides

In some recent calls, it was identified that some applicators may not know or understand what a restricted-use pesticide is. Understanding this is very important in assuring compliance as an applicator.

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