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Image of a pesticide applicator license.

A Pesticide Applicator License is Required if . . .

  1. You are a commercial applicator applying a restricted-use pesticide. 
  2. You apply ANY pesticide as a commercial applicator for-hire. For-Hire applicators apply pesticides on other people’s property for money.
  3. Applicator businesses also need licenses for each business location.

Once certified you may need to apply for a license. We say may because only the following needs to get licenses:

Applicator Licenses

  • For-hire commercial applicators who apply ANY pesticide on other peoples property for money.
  • ANY commercial applicator who is going to use a restricted-use pesticide.

Licenses have to be applied for through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Individual commercial applicator licenses cost $40 and all expire on December 31st. You will need your certification number to apply for your applicator license. DATCP offers 4 types of licenses:

  • Commercial for-Hire – Applicators who apply on other peoples property for money. Apply for License
  • Commercial not for-hire – Applicators who apply on their employer’s property as an employee or their own property. Only need a license if using restricted-use pesticides. – Apply for License
  • Government – Government employees. – Apply for License
  • Educational – Educational employees. – Apply for License

Prefer to do it the old fashioned way using a check? Paper Application.

Need a little help with the online applications?New ApplicationRenewing Your Application

Application Business Licenses

Besides each individual applicator needing a license, application businesses also need a business license. These currently costs $70 for each business location. These also expire December 31st every year. You need to enter your employee’s license numbers on the business license. To add new applicators to your application business license, please contact DATCP at Provide: a) Your business license number; b) new applicators name; c) new applicators license number; and d) their certification expiration date.

Commercial Application Business License application.

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