Commercial – The Certification Exam

Commercial applicators schedule and take the certification exams with either the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) OR the private testing company Pearson Vue.

  • Tests are approximately 70 multiple choice questions with 3 choices and are closed book.
  • You must score 70% or higher to pass the test.
  • You are given 90 minutes to take the commercial test.
  • You can bring a simple calculator and a number 2 pencil to take the test. You cannot use the calculator on your phone. No phones are allowed near the exams for test security reasons. DATCP sometimes has calculators to borrow and will have pencils for you to use.
  • You will have to provide a photo ID to take the test.
  • You will have to provide your SSN to the DATCP for your certification to be processed. This is a state requirement. If you are uncomfortable providing it on the test, then you can call and provide it over the phone to DATCP. Do NOT send an email or provide your SSN in a phone message, ask for a callback.

Testing with DATCP

There is no cost when testing at a DATCP testing site However, be aware that during the busy testing months (typically January – May), testing opportunities might be limited, and receiving your score and certification card can take longer during this time period.

  • To schedule a commercial test with DATCP.
  • There are currently 5 DATCP testing centers in the state located in Eau Claire, Green Bay, Waukesha, Wausau, and Madison. The Madison site is the only one where you get your results immediately after your test. At other sites, your tests have to be mailed to Madison to get scored. Tests are also given at the in-person training / review sessions during the training season.

Testing With The Private Testing Company Pearson Vue.

  • Click this link to find more information and create a Pearson Vue account and sign up for a test.
  • Pearson Vue is a private testing company and charges for the test. Tests currently cost $45 each. That means if you are testing in two categories, the cost is $90. If you fail and need to take the exam again, you will be charged again.
  • Pearson Vue has over 50 testing centers in Wisconsin. Pearson Vue also offers an online test. However, be aware that this is a proctored test that requires a quiet room, a webcam and a microphone. You will have to download a lock browser on your computer to take the test. You are monitored while taking the online test, behave yourself or you will be kicked off the test with no refunds. To find a testing location, go to the Pearson Vue main page for DATCP testing and click the “find a test center” link on the right side of the page.
  • When testing with Pearson Vue you get your exam results at the end of the exam and if you pass, your certification card is emailed to you by DATCP within 3 business days.
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