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Infant Botulism: What you need to know

A recent recall of baby food in Canada due to the risk for botulism poisoning (February, 2019) following on 4 cases of infant botulism poisoning in the U.S. linked to honey-containing pacifiers (November, 2018) suggests that it’s a good time to remind everyone that botulism is dangerous for all ages, but particularly for infants and young […]

Better than chocolate: How is food made?

A new article from the Center for Food Integrity (CFI) argues that what consumers want more than chocolate is transparency; consumers want to know where there food comes from and how it’s made. On this Valentine’s Day, arguing against chocolate might be a hard sell, but CFI does point to efforts by some companies to […]

Keep Food Safety on Valentine’s Day Menu

If dinner at your favorite restaurant is part of your Valentine’s Day plan, be sure food safety is on the menu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has prepared food safety tips for dining out so it is a memorable meal for the right reasons. Check for cleanliness. Choose a dining establishment that is well maintained, […]


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