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Microwave food safety – an illustration of the risks

To add insult to injury, food safety colleagues in Australia are not only dealing with bush fires, but also an outbreak of illness linked to Salmonella from frozen microwave meals. Nearly 90 people across Australia have become sick in an outbreak linked to Core Powerfoods frozen meals. What we know: Salmonella and other pathogens will […]

Microwave Food Safety

Microwaves play an increasingly important role in getting meals on the table, but special care must be taken so that microwaved food is safe to eat. Let’s look at some tips for cooking safely in a microwave oven. Is it safe to eat microwaved food?  Yes! Microwaves are very short (micro) radio waves that can […]

Reduce Food Waste: A Resource of Food Banks and Food Pantries

Many individuals make New Year’s resolutions and these days some companies are even getting into the game.  Several prominent companies including Marriott, the hotel and hospitality company, Nestle Global, the international food and beverage company, and several branches of the U.S. government have pledged to reduce food waste in 2020.  I have been working with […]


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