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Food Safety in the Time of COVID-19: The fun of handwashing

We return today to handwashing since that seems to be such an important response to the coronavirus and COVID-19.  And some good news and fun for a Friday. The good news: so many sources are sharing consistent (and evidence-based) messages about food safety and nutrition.  Many of these messages are ‘old friends’ and practicing food […]

Food Safety in the Time of COVID-19: Food safety is always ‘in season’

As the weather warms, looking ahead to gardening in the weeks and months ahead can be a favorite past-time.  Are there any special precautions that we need to take when growing fruits and vegetables this spring and summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Experts actually recommend preparing the garden and starting seedlings indoors as great […]

Food Safety in the Time of COVID-19: Tips on handling fresh produce

In this time of the coronavirus, are fresh fruits and vegetables safe to eat?  Yes! There is no reason to assume that fresh fruits and vegetables are unsafe because there isn’t any evidence that the coronavirus is transmitted by food. And regardless of where fresh produce originates, around the corner or around the world,  fruits […]


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