2013 Working with Hmong Farmers workshop

Working with Hmong Farmers

Tuesday, August 27th

La Crosse Hmong Cultural and Community Center

8:30am     Welcome   Xong Xiong and Steve Huntzicker

8:45am    Hmong farming practices in Laos  Blia Tou Thao & Phua Yang
Hmong farming practices in Wisconsin  Kong Xiong & Neng V. Xiong

10:15am          Break

10:30am   Learning from mistakes & successesstories from educators and open discussion  Jack Chang, Yimmuaj Yang, Mahlon Peterson, Dennis Lukaszewski

Questions for small groups:
1.  What have been your experiences working with Hmong farmers or the Hmong
2.  What programming or outreach would you like to do with Hmong farmers?
3.  Has what you have learned this morning changed the outreach you want to do?
4.  What questions or comments do you have for the panel?  What could Extension
do to support connections with Hmong farmers?

11:45am  Tour of Hmong Cultural Center

12:15pm               Lunch

1:00pm    Approaching the Hmong community: how to make contact, build trust, and assess needs.   Xong Xiong

2:00pm    Farm tour  (depart Cultural Center for farm)
Little Gao Mee Garden (owned by Kong Xiong & Neng V. Xiong)

28646 Summit Road

Nodine, MN 55925

3:30pm    Questions and evaluation

Blia T. Thao jack.chang@wisconsin.gov Farmer
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